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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a way to take all the money and tax advice you come across, figure out how it applies to you and turn it into a manageable and actionable process.

You will make financial decisions (large and small) smarter and with more confidence from the comprehensive perspective of protecting assets, minimizing taxes, preserving investment opportunity and managing expenses, including if/when to borrow. See Financial Planning for more information.

Investment Management

Successful investing is more than just purchasing quality securities; it requires tax analysis of the security and of the type of account.  An investment to be spent in four years will be different from an investment that has 15 years before withdrawals begin. See Investment Management for more information. 

Contact us today to find out more about a free portfolio diagnostic review.

Divorce Analysis

It is not easy to foresee what your divorce settlement will mean for you in the years ahead. As a CDFA™, I am trained to forecast the long-term effects of various settlement proposals to give both parties a clearer view of what lies ahead financially. How will each person’s finances look after spousal support, child support, or retirement benefit payments change? Deciding you want a fair settlement is one thing, knowing what constitutes a fair settlement is much more complicated. We do not replace attorneys; we work in conjunction with them by helping clients make sense of proposed settlements and by providing information needed to help attorneys prove their case. 

Accurate financial declarations, asset inventory, forensic research, tax analysis are all part of divorce analysis. Please see Divorce Analysis for more information.

Betty Hedrick hosts a divorce workshop for Second Saturday on the second Saturday of every month.  It is a four-hour interdisciplinary workshop designed to help you take the best steps for you to move through this transition and reach the beginning of your new single life with confidence and strength.  Click here for more information.

Special Situation Consulting

If you need specialized assistance in a particular area, we are here to help. We offer: 

  • Small Business Planning
  • Portfolio Review
  • Financial Analysis of Real Estate Investments
  • Estate Distributions
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Elder Care
  • Compensation Comparisons When Changing Jobs
  • Strategies for Transitioning Between Careers


What Is Your Risk Tolerance? 

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